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USITT and PQ07 Information Released

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) has today released details of their 2007 entry to the Prague Quadrennial including details of their national exhibit themes and a description of the physical exhibit designed by Nic Ularu and Madeleine Sobota.

“A fresh, dynamic, and open configuration that reflects and embodies both the theme and the innovative work selected. The shape of the exhibit itself is a metaphor – not content with formal and straight lines, the walls burst out at angles, the entrance towers push into vertical space, the installation of costumes explodes like a mushroom cloud – it is now Out of the Box! The entrance features a movie of design images projected on a huge angled screen that is the lid of the box. Inside, interactive video and sound stations provide the viewer with greater access to images and words that tell the story of each design.”

National Exhibit

“From over 400 submissions, just over 100 scenic, lighting, costume, and sound designs were selected to present the concept of New Voices, New Visions: Out of the Box. The curators identified the work of theatre artists who have redefined the art and pushed it to its limits, through unique visions and impeccable techniques.”

Student Exhibit

“Building on the theme of the National Exhibit, the Student Exhibit theme is New Voices, New Visions, New Vocabularies. ‘œNew’ at times means non-traditional while at others it means a unique voice or a new way of doing an old play. Teachers must dream a future they will never see while training their students, and those programs in which daring teachers inspire their students to take risks will stand out in this exhibition.”

Architecture Exhibit

“A third exhibit, Architecture, will feature 17 new theatres under the theme of Performance Spaces For a New Generation: Training facilities for the performing arts in the United States. The number of training facilities located at schools in this country is one of the aspects that distinguishes American theatre architecture in the world arena. In continuing the themes of focusing on the new (now and in the future) in the other two exhibits, the examples of architecture will include university and college facilities, theatres, schools, and performing arts centers that include specific training programs.”

All three exhibits will be available for display in the United States September 2007 – December 2008.

For more information visit www.usitt.org



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