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Ivana Vasic – Featured Designer

Ivana Vasic has worked on over 70 plays, films, advertisments and events as costume designer and around 10 theatre plays as set, costume and printed material designer. We hope you agree that her scenography portfolio illustrates her striking and versatile style.

“I couldn’t let go of all sorts of things I’d been doing or liking, so I suddenly decided to go for theatre instead of social sciences, which was quite a turn. I graduated at the academy for applied arts and design in belgrade in year 2000, but all the actual knowledge I got about theatre and design I gained through work, rather than in school. and I like to work a lot. What actually drives me towards theatre is, to be quite honest, the elitism it holds within itself, in the era of commercial artistic “multiples” manufactured in factories and available in supermarkets. theatre takes time and ability to understand. I see it as a reminiscent of times long gone, kept as obligatory aspect of culture. in the present time, theatre is a phenomenon. and I respect it’s power to not only survive, but have quite a respectable life in both ancient and digital times. ”

Image Details – “schumann”, costume, atelje 212, belgrade, 2004



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