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Scenography in ancient Greek drama

Nikos Kalaitzidis (Scenographer/Theatre Designer, Individual member of OISTAT: International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians and also member of the Greek Center of the International Theatre Institute) is undertaking a body of research titled “The future of scenography in ancient greek drama”

The research focuses on young scenographers (under 35yrs) who have designed one or more ancient drama plays or those who have considered or conceptualised designing for such a text. The intention of the research is to show how young scenographers handle designing for ancient drama, how things might change in designing drama in the future and to discuss and highlight new approaches to designing for ancient and modern texts alike.

The research is open to designers and scenographers who have both 1) designed for ancient Greek drama and 2) those who may have considered designing or produced conceptual designs.

1) If you have designed for ancient Greek drama.

a) Provide a small summary (up to 300 words) of the work, photos of designs, and/or model boxes and final sets (Photos should include appropriate copyright notices)

2) Conceptual designs. Summary of the work (up to 300 words), photos of designs or (if it is possible) photos of model boxes (again, photos should include appropriate copyright notices)

The research will be used for conferences (national and international) and for publication. Contributing scenographers/designers will be credited where due.

To participate in this research leave a reply below or visit Mr Kalaitzidis contact page.


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