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Tolis Papazoglou and Ouzo Part 2

Nikos Kalaitzidis has shared the second part of his meeting with Greek Designer and Director Tolis Papazoglou in our Prague Blogs.

“After my walk in Plaka (under the Acropolis) Tolis sent me a message on my mobile “I am in the train at last! Where we shall meet?”. I first thought of a small cafe near Monastiraki but I was in the mood for a dozen of souvlakia and a couple of litres of ouzo, so I replied to Tolis… “Are you hungry?”. He didn’t respond with a “Yes” or “No” but he sent the name of a tavern, famous for its souvlakia… “Lets meet at Monastiraki, at the tavern with souvlakia”. And there I was waiting for Tolis. The tavern was full of pictures of famous greek actors and directors that had visited the place years ago, and the smell of souvlakia, ouzo and retsina wine was surrounding me, making me unable to wait for Tolis without ordering the first dozen of souvlakia…”

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