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100 Days Until PQ07

Yes, only 100 days until the 2007 Prague Quadrennial! But what is the Prague Quadrennial?

Answer = Its the International Competitive Theatre Design Exhibition, the largest international theatre design exhibition the world has to offer. The official PQo7 site describes it rather aptly with this tagline; “See the entire world in 10 days” For an overview of PQ07 and a little of its history visit our Prague Quadrennial page, or the offical website.

Top 5 Prague Facts:

  1. 11th Prague Quadrennial.
  2. 1967: Year of the first Prague Quadrennial.
  3. 6 Countries exhibiting in 1967.
  4. 60 Participating countries in 2007.
  5. 10 Days, in which to see the world!

20 Scenofest Facts:

  1. 10 Days of Scenofest June 15th-June 24th.
  2. 7500 applications 1500 places.
  3. 60 Scenofest performances over 10 days.
  4. Over 30 lectures and presentations.
  5. 60 Babel Bells.
  6. 20 Babel Panels on which to display the Babel Designs.
  7. 40 Exhibitors in “The Birds”
  8. Nearly 150 exhibits in the virtual birds exhibition.
  9. 3 Birdboxes at the entrance to the Industrial Palace.
  10. 12:30 – Prompt start for the Top Ten Talks.
  11. 13th & 18th June – Dates for “Reaching for the Heavens”.
  12. 2 workshops of 30 Participants each in “Reaching for the Heavens”.
  13. 6 Teams involved in “Laptop Connections”.
  14. 1:4 Model Theatre to explore lighting design.
  15. 4 days: the duration of the longest presentation!
  16. 40mins: maximum length of Scenofest performances.
  17. 6 Tours around the PQ.
  18. 4 Tours around Prague and other venues in the Czech Republic.
  19. 12 Areas in which you can still volunteer.
  20. 15 Team members on the Scenofest Team Page.


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