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January – February Newsletter

January/February has been a busy time on the site, a new design, coverage of the UK design exhibition and preperations for the 2007 Prague Quadrennial!


The UK national theatre design exhibition “Collaborators” opened in Nottingham, perhaps the best UK exhibition to date… and we were there during the installation and opening night, check out our exclusive gallery.

Prague Quadrennial 2007:

The Prague Quadrennial is less than a 100 days away it’s a theater event so big that its physically impossible to take the whole event in! If you were to attend each lecture alone you would never have enough time left to see anything else the PQ has to offer.

Scenography — The Theatre Design Website will be there as online partners in the Scenofest Publishing Project.

The project’s aim is to both document and report Scenofest and the PQ. However, emphasis is also placed on sharing and publishing our thoughts and experiences of the Prague Quadrennial and Scenofest. We will be doing this in a variety of ways – in the daily PQ newspaper, online and at the exhibition itself on a large collaborative “mood-board”

This exciting project is open to anyone attending the PQ/Scenofest, if you are interested, or want to contribute your images and thoughts visit http://www.Scenofest.org or our Publishing Project Page.

Prague Quadrennial Blogs:

The Prague Quadrennial Blogs are an exclusive part of the Scenofest Publishing Project and are made up from contributions by Scenofest volunteers, visitors to PQ and members of the Theatre Design Website. Although in it’s infancy there a re a good number of interesting entries, especially by theatre designers Nikos Kalaitzidis and Rodrigo Cortes. Details of how you can take part may be found here.

New Name — New Look:

Scenography — The Theatre Design Website has a new name (www.sceno.org) and a new design! Pop over and take a look.

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