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"lighting director"

Just began with my studies at ‘Jacob van Ruisdael’, and reading an article written by Martina Sitt about ‘the lighting of nature’.

Here are some interesting words:
“Ruisdael was in Holland one of the first painters of the 17th century who began to show the landscape not as a realistic fragment of the world, but as a total image.
At the end of the 17th century the wide, panoramic landscapes gave way for more dramatic, spatial and optical closed scenes, which were compared with stage-designs.”

This also fascinates me:
“Ruisdael managed to establish, in a quite early state of the creative process, an already very convincing composition, by dividing the space purposeful with the use of his “lighting direction”. We can see that in the way he applies the paint several elements are being highlighted. But the lighting direction of his composition, with a clear division of dense, light parts, really combines all the diverging moments together in one total scene.”
Of course this sounds like music in the ear of a lighting designer…:)

This week I’m planning to go out to the same whereabouts as where this ‘Jacob van Ruisdael’ used to wonder about and got his inspiration: “The landscapes in the neighbourhood from ‘Haarlem’,
a smaller town near Amsterdam.”
I’m planning to bring my camera and make a lot of pictures, see if I can find my own inspiration for a clear premature “lighting direction”…

Greetings Yvon.
(Blog 2-4 of the ‘Lighthouse of Babel’ project)



One thought on “"lighting director"

  1. Hi Yvon,

    would be great to see some of the photos you took!

    if you want to upload them here – just go to the gallery http://www.sceno.org/prague-blogs/wp-gallery2.php scroll down to the bottom and click “Your Album” then “add items” to upload images!

    I’ve always had a soft spot for northern renaissance art, iv’e always felt Ruisdael does very good clouds… he takes these very idyllic scenes but often add’s a brooding cloud or too – which makes for fantastic light of course!


    Posted by Martin Paling | April 2, 2007, 8:53 pm

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