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Searching for young lighting designers around the world!!

My call to design a lighting performance in the Babel Tower, together with a group of other young lighting designers form different countries and cultures, at the scenofest in Praque, is still open!

So far I have found 2 designers interested…
I’m very much hoping for a group of at least 6 designers.
So read my call on the scenofest homepage, and when you are interested and would like to work together with other lighting designers from around the world on this project, please write me an email!

I hope to hear from you,
Yvon Muller.
My email-adres is: yvonmuller@gmail.com

(P.S. I will report my own research on the ‘dutch culture of lighting design’ and my personal study at the work of the Dutch Fine Art Master ‘Jacob van Ruysdael’ here on these blogs, from now on every week. I will ask the designers who join my ‘Lighthouse of Babel’ project to report something of their own researches once in a while, as well. So let’s see if this is a good way to start the creative conversation!)


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