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Lighting Director meets Photoshop…

Luckely for all the dutch people who were celebrating Eastern, and unfortunately for me….it has become beautiful weather down here in the Netherlands. I searched for the sights where Ruisdael used to wonder around and found some beautiful places indeed. But nowhere a cloud to be seen….
Blue sky as far as my eye could see. Nice, but not a specific scenery for Ruisdael though….
So, as for now, I have manipulated some of the photo’s I took. To give an impression of what I had more in mind with my Ruisdael-studies….
‘Photoshop-to-the-rescue’ 🙂
I hope to return soon, with some clouds hanging over..
I did see a nice water reflection though, from under a bridge. I made a short video out of it and call it ‘Swannlight’. (Because it was actually a swann who created this lightdesign!)
I will upload some impressions and the video on this blog.
Continuing the studies, next time more about ‘light, water and reflection of light’ from the famous ‘Dutch light’.

Greetings, Yvon Muller.
(LightHouse of Babel- project for young lighting designers at the PQ 2007-let’s work together!)



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