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So who will win?

Who will win the worlds greatest festival of theatre, pain, joy, music*, outrageous costume, unspecified sexuality and general wackiness?

I talk not of the Prague Quadrennial… no i talk of the one and only Eurovision Song Contest

Why do i watch this show? Why every year am i surprised and outraged at the obvious vote rigging by un-named mediterranean and baltic countries, the fact that Ireland only ever enter acts they know will fail in the hope that RTE never have to foot the bill for another financially crippling finals night.

Secretly i must admit to you that i love the cheesiness of it the unabashed corn… and of course the commentary of the Terry Wogan who presents the UK broadcast, his cutting and often cruel remarks are not often very witty but they always get a giggle from me.

“It’s a battle between the singing and the hair”

“They’ll be singing this song in every language known to man in the vain hope of getting a vote”

“I’ll be happy if i never see another snowflake, The trouble with breaking the ice is you have to talk to a man in a silly hat”

And i never laugh, ever.

Anyway, this post has nothing to do with the PQ07 so i suggest you scroll down for something sensible by Will or Nikos

*not factually accurate



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