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Ten days – Ten things to see

With only ten days until the opening of the Prague Quadrennial we present you with ten things to see and do at the PQ07 and Scenofest.

  1. Opening Ceremony – Possibly the largest gathering of theatre designers/scenographers the world has ever seen! (June 14)
  2. Sound Effects Garden – an installation of sound machines from the past. (Everyday)
  3. Phoenix – Three schools from across the world join together to create a puppet based installation. (Everyday)
  4. Lighting the City – Three architectural structures/buildings in Prague are used as canvas by lighting designers. (June 17,20,22)
  5. Purity / On The Perch / Arcanum – Three contemporary dance works. (June 20)
  6. A Tribute to the Late Maria Bjornsen – Top Ten Talk (June 24)
  7. Hurvinek’s Trip to Tramtaria – Puppet Theatre Performance – The marionette theatre Spejbl (June 20)
  8. Romeo a Julia – conventional theatre meets experimental puppet work (June 15)
  9. Fallujah – Casey´s Pawns – Street Performance inspired by the allied invasion of Iraq (June 19)
  10. Second Hand Fashion – Models, costumes and objects made from recycled clothes. Different artists from the Czech Republic and abroad will create a new fashion show. (June 21,22,23,24)


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