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First Day in Prague

Sound GardenI woke up nice and early to get breakfast in our hotel… which like most hotel breakfast’s was a range of very good healthy food and very bad unhealthy things that i should avoid… so of course i went for the latter.

I then went straight back to bed because the effects of the traveling were still playing on my health.

At about 13:00 I went into the city to pick up some transit tickets, phonecards, phone and some software for my powermac (i forgot that my powermac didn’t have the version of garageband with the dedicated podcast editor… idiot)

I arrived at the Industrial Palace at around 6pm where i registered and met up with some of the scenofest team. I have to say the guys have been working really hard and i felt a bit guilty swaggering in after a fairly easy day of essential shopping. The first face i recognised on site was Peter Farley who was contagiously enthusiastic about his Reaching for the Heavens workshops and performance, if you are participating in this you really are in for a treat. Peter took me over to the Scenofest Teams office behind the Scenofest stage where i finally met scenofest web master and technical manager Chris Van Goethem and Head of Sound Steve Brown Chris was jumping from pc to scenofest stage throughout the day and i can’t say i envy him his job! Steve pointed out some of the key areas of scenofest and we had a short discussion about our coverage of the audio events, sound is very well represented with the Laptop Connections Performance, the Sound Effects Garden, the Babel Bell and numerous sound workshops to name but a few.

Anyhow i’ve had a few emails and requests from people about the price of things in Prague and transit tickets, so I’ll tell you what i can.

Transport first:

Trams and Metro are the best way to get around the city and are very frequent, tickets can be bought for the following price and time limits:

24 hours 80,- Kč

3 Days 220,- Kč

1 Week 280,- Kč

15 Days 320,- Kč

Just pop into any metro station or news kiosk, alternatively if you are in a hotel ask the receptionist.

more details at the pq website

Weather :

Hot Warm 24 is the highest so far, dropping to 17 at night. Today was mostly cloudly. Definately bring summer clothing and deoderant. The Palace can be very warm.

Phones :

most of the scenofest publishing team seem to be opting for vodaphone, as suggested by nikos and michelle (thanks guys)

you can get a sim card for 200 Kč, which come with 200 Kč credit, if like me you are from the UK and have an Orange phone there is a good chance you won’t be able to switch to CZ Vodaphone, the cheapest phone I’ve seen was 1,129 (but don’t forget to buy a sim card too)

Shopping :

Stuff in Prague can be either very cheap or very expensive… as a rule of thumb it seems that the expensive stuff is imported. So for example the software i mentioned earlier costs me about £59… in the UK it would have cost £55, similarly bottled water from France is the same as it might be in the UK, but water produced in the Czech Republic is much cheaper. In one supermarket a 500ml of Vittel water was 25Kč wheras the 500ml of CZ water was only 7,5Kč

Prices are also high in the tourist areas… so buy water and stuff before you get there, i saw a 33cl bottle of evian for 120Kč at an ice cream stall at the old town square.

So basically avoid buying stuff in prime tourist areas and look for local produce/goods if you want the bargains

Currency Exchange :

The rates are quite good over here for pounds and euros… however most places will charge commision, so its probably better better to exchange at home

Food :

I’ve only eaten in our hotel… and it’s not cheap… a meal for two cost us 820Kč (£21/€31) however it was very nice. The same meal in the UK would be far too expensive for me to even consider!

Generally speaking if you are eating out whether it (cafes or restraunts) i’m told £15/€22 per person a day is average.


Sorry Nikos i don’t smoke so i can’t say!

Drink… sadly 😦 i’m unable to drink for health reasons… curse this evil world! but generally beer/lager is very cheap, again the local stuff is cheaper, bottled is more expensive

if your not working in Pounds or Euros try this online currency calculator

Photo = Sound Effects Garden machine read for installation outside the Palace



4 thoughts on “First Day in Prague

  1. There’s a place across the street from Hotel Expo (and therefore across the street from the Industrial Palace) called the Restaurance Gol that has great food cheaper than the hotel – traditional Czech meals (which are delicious) for under 100Kc, and beer priced as it is in the rest of Prague – about 20Kc. It’s already becoming my food-based home base!

    See you in the Palace!


    Posted by Ben Tevelow | June 11, 2007, 10:52 pm
  2. Hi Ben… cheers for the reccomendation, i walked past it earlier with Will… we’ve been wondering where to go for a good Czech meal. Call out to us if you see us in there!

    Posted by Martin Paling | June 11, 2007, 11:43 pm
  3. Will do! I’ll listen for the British and Irish accents.

    Posted by Ben Tevelow | June 12, 2007, 6:58 pm
  4. All being well (which is doubtful) we shall be in there tmrw night 8pm… ish

    Posted by Martin Paling | June 12, 2007, 10:58 pm

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