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Linbury Prize 2007

The Linbury Biennial Prize for Stage Design, responsible for uncovering some of the UK’s leading stage designers in the last 20 years, including Tim Hatley, Anthony Ward and Vicki Mortimer, has announced its shortlist of young design hopefuls for this year’s prize. Finalists were picked by four artistic directors from leading UK theatre companies at the selection process at the National Theatre.

The selected finalists will spend three months working in close-collaboration with the four artistic directors and their production companies. Three finalists will work with each theatre company on designs and models for forthcoming productions. The participating theatre companies for 2007 are:

  • Hampstead Theatre – Artistic Director, Anthony Clark
  • Headlong – Artistic Director, Rupert Goold
  • The Opera Group – Artistic Director, John Fulljames
  • The Tricycle Theatre – Artistic Director, Nicolas Kent

The finalists will display their designs at the Linbury Biennial Exhibition at the National Theatre from 10 November – 8 December, which will be visited by key figures from the theatre industry, allowing finalists to develop contacts and generate future commissions.

At the exhibition, four winners will be selected to have their designs made into productions and the overall Linbury Biennial winner will be announced. The winning designers will share around £66,000 in prize money, design commissions and production sponsorship.

The Linbury Biennial, founded in 1987 by Lady Anya Sainsbury, is the only prize of its kind and gives recently graduated stage designers an unparalleled opportunity to work with professional theatre companies, collaborate with writers, directors and technical teams at a crucial stage in their careers.

Visit the Linbury Prize website for more information.


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