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Forkbeard Fantasy – Summer School

Forkbeard Fantasy are offering 2 six day residential courses in 2008. These Summer Schools give you the chance to discover new ways of working in an inclusive, stimulating and challenging environment. The Schools are located at Forkbeard’s Waterslade Studios in the heart of rural Devon (UK). Set in 2 acres of fields, Waterslade comprises a modern studio complex equipped for set and prop construction, film and video edit suites and performance teaching.

The week-long courses enable participants to explore the wild and diverse array of techniques, technologies and artforms used in Forkbeard’s multi-media stage, film and television work: Film and digital video 16mm and DV, lighting and camera skills, Final Cut Pro, compositing, editing, projection systems and surfaces…. Animation in all its myriad 2D & 3D forms, including pixillation and blue screen mixes.

We encourage a wide mix of interests and skills. Previous schools have included students, teachers, prop-makers, designers, visual and performance artists, film-makers, editors, animators, performers, engineers, technicians, architects, cartoonists, writers and puppeteers. The only requirement is applicants are over 18.

For more information about the Summer Schools telephone 0117 930 9933 or write to Forkbeard Summer Schools, P.O. Box 1241, Bristol BS99 2TG or e-mail ff@forkbeardfantasy.co.uk

Also visit the FF Website

Dates : June 27th – July 4th and July 11th – July 18th



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