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Advanced Model-making Techniques

A 5-day intensive course led by David Neat
Rose Bruford College, Sidcup
Summer 2008 dates: 21-25 July, 8-12 September

The term ‘advanced’ is used because it is assumed that those interested will already have the basics, but want to extend their repertoire of techniques and understanding of different materials. It is aimed at practitioners or experienced students in a variety of disciplines.

David Neat is a professional model-maker with 25 years experience in theatre, film, 3D design, architecture and exhibitions. He is a Motley graduate, a practicing sculptor, and a qualified teacher (including Rose Bruford College, Central St. Martins, Central School of Speech and Drama, RADA and Wimbledon College of Art where he teaches on the ‘Technical Arts and Special Effects’ and ‘Set Design for Stage and Screen’ courses). His book Model-making: Materials and Methods, a comprehensive, interdisciplinary book on model-making, has just been released by Crowood Press.

His emphasis in these workshops is on accessible techniques of building, modelling, surfacing and finishing which are largely common to all the above disciplines, and relevant both to designers and makers. There is also an emphasis on ‘œrealism’ in representation, which is geared more to theatre and film work than the other disciplines, but the aim in keeping the course solidly materials-based is to provide just as much of relevance to the architectural or product model-maker. Each session will offer a wealth of information, supported by specially prepared examples and clarified through demonstrations and practical exercises. Areas covered include: –
methods of constructing with card, plastics and foams; methods of casting; modelling with soft materials inc. figures; techniques of soldering and etching metals; simulating plants and trees; various surface/texture treatments and paint finishes.

Many materials are covered, while both traditional and new techniques are explored. Another aspect is the reliance on simple tools and accessible materials, rather than complicated or expensive machinery. All materials for the practical exercises are provided. Participants must however bring their own essential equipment (such as scale rule, scalpel, cutting mat and soldering iron). A complete list will be forwarded prior to the begin.

Each individual will also bring with them their own varied knowledge and talent, making this a valuable opportunity to discuss and compare personal experience. Whether you are a theatre designer wishing to make better, more convincing models; a  stop-motion puppet animator searching for the right environment, or an interior designer aiming for the right presentation – this course will help you on the way.

The cost per person will be £220, payable to Rose Bruford College in advance. This is still very low for an intensive course of this nature. Places are limited to 15, for the most effective teaching and participation, so those interested are advised to apply a.s.a.p.

Email… davneat (at) aol.com or phone David Neat on 07989 474786 for more information or to request a booking form.


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