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RSC : Trainee Designer Scheme

The Royal Shakespeare Trainee Designer Scheme.


With the decline in regional rep residencies and the absence of any on-the-job training for designers fresh from the UK’s large number of excellent design schools, the RSC has created a training opportunity that is sadly missing for most designers. This is a unique chance for two young designers to see at first-hand how a major theatre company works. They will experience the creative processes of a range of different top designers and then follow how the ideas they have worked on, in the studio, are translated to the stage.


Applicants should be recent graduates of a theatre design course. Applicants with relevant practical experience of work in theatre will also be considered. Overseas applicants are also considered. They should have an extremely positive outlook, relish problem solving, with a high degree of self-motivation, and be very hands-on and practical, with a strong visual sense


?The Trainees will work for the RSC for a period of a year, with time spent in both London and Stratford. They will be on a one year fixed term contract, but only working nine months out of the year. This gives them some flexibility to pursue any freelance work that may arise during the year. Approximately a third of the year will be spent assisting RSC designers in their studios. This will involve research, model making, technical drawing, and basic administration. The Trainees will be able to witness the creative debates between designer and director, and the way in which the designer works with other members of the RSC, company members and freelance workers such as Costume Supervisors. They will attend rehearsals during the London phase of the year, and help in fabric sampling etc.

The rest of the time will be spent in Stratford, following the progress of the shows they have worked on through the workshops. They will be able to build up their craft skills and knowledge of processes in areas which they/the RSC believe they will benefit. In Wigs and Costume Cutting the aim is to observe the working process and better understand how these craftspeople work with designers, through discussions, fittings etc. In other departments e.g. Dye and Paint shop we hope to be able to offer directly relevant practical experience, which will enable the Trainees to better create their own work in a small scale professional setting. They will attend a range of Stratford Company and technical rehearsals, and assist in the transfer of Stratford shows to other venues. They may do some work on the Stratford redevelopment scheme, alongside the Associate Designer, and create some of the RSC’s season-stage model boxes.


Excellent theatre design ability (as demonstrated through a portfolio of past work); model making to a high standard; technical drawing skills; knowledge and interest in costume design and construction; painting skills; interest in the plays of Shakespeare and an appreciation of theatre. Good communications skills and high degree of motivation are essential.


The Trainees will be mentored by Tom Piper, the Associate Designer at the RSC. We hope to be able to offer external placements with several highly experienced freelance designers who work extensively for the RSC In the past this has included, Es Devlin, Jeremy Herbert, Peter Mackintosh, Giles Cadle, Lez Brotherston, Rae Smith, Hildegard Bechtler, Katrina Lindsay, Stephen Brimson Lewis, Kandis Cook, Richard Hudson, Nikki Gillibrand, Sutra Gilmour, Francis O’Connor etc.


The closing date for applications is 27th September 2008. First interviews will be held in early October. The initial short listing is judged by a panel of three designers and based on a ten page A4 portfolio and CV. There then follows an interview with full portfolio for the short-listed candidates. The post begins in December, depending on availabilities of the chosen candidates. 




Human Resources    
Royal Shakespeare Company  
The Courtyard Theatre    
Southern Lane    
CV37 6BB    



(Scroll down to Trainee Designer): http:/www.rsc.org.uk/aboutthersc/1297.aspx



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