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Ethics, Employability and Economics: Teaching Theatre Design in the 21st Century

This conference is organised by the ACTD in conjunction with Centre for Excellence in Training for Theatre (CETT) and Aberystwyth University. It is for those involved in the development and delivery of courses in design for theatre and performance or scenography at higher level in the UK and internationally.

Association of Courses in Theatre Design Conference,
Dates: 2nd – 4th July 2009
Location : Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Aberystwyth University (UK)

Conference aims:

  • to provide inspiration and nourishment for tutors at the coal face of course delivery and development
  • to scope priorities for design education for the next 10 years
  • to provoke debate and discussion
  • to initiate inter-institutional points of contact and collaborations

Conference Themes

  • Ethics – How do we make our discipline more responsive and relevant? Why turn out so many designers? Why do plays? Who are our audiences?
  • Employability – How do we prepare graduates for careers in the creative industries? What are these industries and what are our networks? In what ways can/should HE act as a hub or exchange?
  • Economics – How are government policy and economic trends shaping the landscape for our graduates? For HE institutions?

Conference Call

We invite proposals for provocations (10 min), papers (15 mins) and activities (between 30 mins and 2 hours for either 35 – 40 participants or for 15 -20 participants) which address some aspect of the above and link to the conference aims.

Your proposal should be 150 – 300 words and should include: Title, aims, brief outline of content and details of any equipment you would need.

You should also include a 100-150 word biography.

You should send your proposal as an attachment by email to Joslin McKinney, Vice-chair of ACTD (j.e.mckinney@leeds.ac.uk) by Friday 27th February 2009.



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