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Prague Quadrennial 2011 News

The new Prague Quadrennial website is online and with it’s relaunch comes with news that for only the second time in it’s forty year history the PQ will most likely not be held at the Industrial palace, sadly it’s not believed that the devastation caused by last years fire will be repaired in time. The PQ team are actively searching for a new venue, we’ll keep you up to date as and when more news comes in.

Also for the first time in it’s forty year history the PQ is changing it’s name from “Prague Quadrennial International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture” to “Prague Quadrennial of Performance, Design and Space” The PQ state that their aim in changing the name is  “the goal of including a wider scope of artists disciplines, and genres, to break down the often imaginary differences between them.”

*The Prague Quadrennial is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and realized by the Arts and Theatre Institute Prague. It traditionally takes place under the auspices of the president of the Czech Republic and with support of UNESCO and the Prague City Council. Individual expositions of nations and regions are further organized by some of the most important cultural organizations in the world, including ministries of culture, art and theatre institutions and organizations, international festivals, and prestigious theatre and visual arts schools.


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