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OISTAT Scenography Summer Academy

A summer Academy for students and professionals, but also tutors teaching within the field of set Design, Event- and Exhibition Design. Organised by OISTAT and Mozarteum Salzburg. Full details below:


During the Baroque Period architecture and the performing Arts formed a whole inseparable entity. The aristocracy instructed the great architects of the time to create spaces, which acted as a platform for theatre and other forms of amusement. The concept of these spaces would encompass the forthcoming events and thus influence the production positively.

Over the centuries -like in so many other fieldsspecialisation took place. Architects from then on planned spaces and set or stage designers use and work these spaces.

This development will not change, but what can well be enhanced is the dialogue between these specialized professions of stage designers and architects.

The aim of the academy is to bring together respective viewpoints and experience regarding new spaces for the performing arts.

Who can apply?

The academy is aimed towards students and professionals, but also tutors teaching within the field of set Design, Event- and Exhibition Design.


The summer academy of scenography and architecture is co-organised by the Mozarteum Salzburg and OISTAT:

The university of Mozarteum Salzburg offers students apart from education in various areas of music, the art of singing and acting a class for stage – and

costume design, film, exhibition design and architecture with a certified degree by completion.

The summer academy program is co-organised by the international organisation for Szenographie, theatrical architecture and theatrical technology (OISTAT).

OISTAT and the architect‘s commission try to relay the very special demands of theatrical architecture to architects who, are confronted with the task of design and construction of these buildings serving a special purpose for the performing arts.

Every 4 years OISTAT offers students from every part of the world to take part in a competition. The last competition was in 2007. The Year for the next competition is set for 2011.

OISTATS major concern is to develop and fortify knowledge regarding theatre and all the issues related to it.

For more information about Summer Academy 2009, please visit the website at:




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