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Theatre Sets photography display

I discovered an interesting post on the London Theatre Blog tonight. Theatre Sets is a collection of photographs by Edinburgh based photographer, Ines Gennuso. The series, according to the London Theatre Blog “…focuses on the way artificial light, with its reverberating colours, imbues space with a surreal and atmospheric quality; transforming the ordinary into something bold and dramatic.”

What is novel for me as a designer is that it’s so rare and strangely eerie to see stage sets without actors… without life! Whilst the stage lighting is still present, carving and sculpting the dimensions of the scenery it makes the scenery seem distant and uninhabited… I guess ultimately it shows the sets for what they are without actors: empty, solitary, stationary and lifeless. A reminder perhaps that as designer we and our work are only one small part in the total stage picture.

Pop along and have a look at the images on Gennuso’s website


2 thoughts on “Theatre Sets photography display

  1. Many thanks indeed for the mention. I like your closing observation. I agree that set design is invariably part of a larger holistic theatre production process, and Ines’ photography project, in its typological study, draws attention to this. I’m particularly interested in elements of theatre design that get carried over into other architectural/design works, public usage in which design space is allowed to exist as is, with or without performers, audience, inhabitants. What does this say about the nature of theatre? The act of spectatorship? The relationship between space, audience, actor?

    Posted by Andrew Eglinton | March 9, 2010, 12:11 pm
    • I was intrigued to see Ines other series titled “Synthetic Nights” – very much capturing (in an accidental way) elements of theatricality and environment, at least that;s what I picked up from it.

      Delighted to mention you London Theatre Blog is a fantastic site!

      Posted by admin | March 10, 2010, 2:55 pm

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