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International Contemporary Scenography Days

This edition of the IFSArts “Scenography Days” spans four days of talks and presentations by internationally renowned professionals, centering on  topics that embrace lighting systems and dynamic large-scale projection; temporary and permanent installations in a contemporary setting; lighting and its modification of an urban context; evolution of the scenic space: built architecture of contemporary theatre and scenic arts;  architecture and film design: a look at European production designers and architects; digital applications for set design, theatre acoustics and sound design, and  European health and safety regulations for stage management and design.
In addition, a number of workshops will be offered on installations and scenic construction, mechanical engineering, software programs,  lighting systems and sound design, conducted by leading companies servicing the entertainment sphere.

The Speakers

Architecture and engineering

: Architect Brigitte Métra, an associate of Jean Nouvel, having collaborated with him on projects for over two decades, and founder of Métra+Associés studio, is noted for the retrofitting of theatres, the converting of single rooms into multipurpose spaces and scenic installations. The architect, designer and scenographer, Roger Labeyrie, founder of “Labeyrie & Associés”, a consultancy practice specialising in multimedia, audiovisuals and architectural design. He has collaborated with the studios of Renzo Piano, Valode & Pistre, David Chipperfield, JM Wilmotte, and IM Pei. Giancarlo Marzorati, who has worked on projects for shopping malls and residential complexes, and is particularly active in the auditoria and multiplex cinema sector throughout Europe. The architect and video designer Luca Ruzza of Open Lab Company, a centre for experimentation, set production and virtual spaces, his works have been presented around the globe. The London-based Theatre Projects Consultants, a company specialising in theatre architecture, with over 1200 theatre projects constructed in various parts of the world. Mechanical engineering firms and leading firms in the stage machinery sector, such as Robert Heimbach, architect/engineer, vice president of Gala Systems and his Italian collaborator, mechanical engineer Ivano Cevasco.
We will be looking at  software applications for the planning of theatre productions through the working experience of engineer Giuseppe Dittadi, scenographers Daniele Paolin, Christian Silva, Lauro Crisman, Fabio Barettin (lighting designer) and Silvio Relandini (sound designer).  Among the production managers and stage-managers taking to the podium: Massimo Checchetto (Theatre La Fenice, Venice), Michele Della Cioppa (Theatre Opera, Rome), Lucia Goj (Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris), Massimo Teoldi (Theatre Real in Madrid) and Izuna Tanaka (production manager at New National Theatre of Tokyo).  
The workshops will be held by a team of experts, among whom Armin Ferrari (videomaker) and Porziana Catalano (scenographer), realizing and assembling a number of elements such as virtual set models and audio visuals, and will run a demo video before hosting a Q&A with the audience.
The directors, the scenographers, the lighting and the sound designers

Henning Brockhaus, director and scenographer, has worked with Josef Svoboda and Giorgio Strehler. Ralph Koltai, scenographer, sculptor and innovator of British theatre design, has staged over 250 opera, drama, dance and musical  productions worldwide. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Performing Arts and The Royal Society of Art RDI (Royal Designer of Industry) and an associate designer of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Pamela Howard, a scenographer, director, and professor Emeritus at the University of Arts London. In 2008, she was awarded the OBE for services to drama. As a scenographer she has realized over 200 productions in the U.K., Europe and the United States. Jean-Guy Lecat, for 24 years the technical director and stage designer of Peter Brook, has also worked on the retrofitting of over 200 theatres worldwide. Peter Farley, Theatre Designer/Scenographer and a Senior Lecturer at Wimbledon College of Art and Kate Burnett MA is a theatre designer and Reader in Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University.

Laser Technology

As this year laser technology celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are proud to announce talks by architect Marcello Zagaria, founder of  Scenes, a leading company in lighting and laser technology installations, with Gianpietro Grossi, engineer and inventor of a new generation of laser harps, following a successful art installation at Frankfurt with Francesco Murano and Pietro Pirelli, and Giancarlo Cauteruccio, a theatre director noted for his poetics based on the relationship between art and technology: in the 1980s, his multimedia group Krypton staged innovative shows created with the use of monitors, lasers and neon within virtual spaces.
The lighting and sound designers

We are proud to announce two great lighting designers: A. J. Weissbard and Maurice Brill. 
3D audio for the entertainment sphere: new metaphors and new productive models is the topic by DEI, (Dipartimento di Elettronica ed Informazione of the Polytechnic of Milan), presented by Prof. Augusto Sarti and Dr. Massimiliano Zanoni. Among the special guest speakers we are delighted to welcome from New York the celebrated sound designer Charlie Morrow, who will present his most recent sound project for the  Arctic Studies Center, Anchorage, Alaska, realized in collaboration with architect David Chipperfield, as well as sound designer Hubert Westkemper and architect and musician Franco Fiotti.
The production designers
The relationship between cinema, set design and architecture will this year be a theme introduced by Spanish architect and film critic Jorge Gorostiza, will present production designer Josep Rosell, who has worked with  director Vicente Aranda and more recently created the sets for the highly regarded  El orfanato (The Orphanage) directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. With them, French production designer Hugues Tissandier, Italian  production designers: Dante Ferretti, Francesca Lo Schiavo (set decor), Giancarlo Basili, and British production designer Stephen Scott.


The event will take place at the Casa dell’Architettura (Architecture House), a former aquarium and now the Headquarters of the Order of Architects of Rome. The IFSArts team has chosen to organise such a key event in the historical building now occupied by Roman architects. The former Aquarium is a fine example of public architecture, inaugurated in 1887 and situated in the heart of Rome’s historic centre, a short stroll from Termini mainline station.  Formerly used as a cinema and as a storage facility for Rome’s Opera House,  it was recently restored by the City Council and entrusted to the Order of Architects to use as their base. The restoration work unearthed in its grounds archeological finds from ancient Rome dating from the 4th century B.C.

CASA DELL’ARCHITETTURA (Architecture House) 
Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47 – ROME  – 18 – 21 April 2010



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