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Stage Craft with Tom Wright

In traditional pantomime the baddie always comes on stage left and the good fairy stage right. Why? This was the question that started director Tom Wright on a five year journey, aided by five weeks of workshops with directors on the Young Vic main stage: a study of composition in film, photography and painting and a bit of Laban for good measure exploring the significance of stage blocking and the processes you can use to arrive there. What is the significance of movement on stage? Where should you put the door? How can directors, actors and designers work together to create the most meaningful images and movement on stage? Rather than a set of rules, Tom has developed an approach which will enable you to make your own decisions and train your eye to be more sensitive to the meaning of space.

When: 15th and 16th of May | Where: London | Times: 10.30am – 5.00pm | Cost: £50 | Who For: Directors, Actors and Designers

Please send a deposit cheque (£15) made out to ‘Living Pictures Productions’ to:
Ben Webb
Living Pictures Project Manager
B11 Peabody Estate, Lillie Road , London SW6 1UJ

(You may also pay by bank transfer – please email Ben for details)
Please also enclose a copy of your CV with your deposit.
For more information or enquiries you can email Ben on: living.pictures@yahoo.co.uk

Tom Wright is an award-winning UK-based theatre and opera director who has produced work ranging from the Fringe First-award-winning The Container to operas in Selfridges. He is artistic director of Vivid Dreams Productions and co-artistic director of Meeting Ground Theatre Company.
He also runs workshops for all ages and abilities and provides one on one audition coaching.



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