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National Stage Management Awards (UK)

The Stage Management Association (UK) are looking for nominations for their annual awards. If you know (and I’m sure we all do) a plucky stage manager who needs fewer batteries than a Duracell Bunny to keep on going then nominate them today!

British Theatre needs YOU

…to expose those ruthless manipulators, those secretive organisers and
inventors of relentlessly reliable systems turning artistic chaos into
viable shows, those fiendishly clever puppet masters, also known under
the innocuous-sounding alias of ‘stage manager’, to the glare of the
limelight at last.

You may find them hiding in your prompt corner or in their power HQ,
cunningly disguised as a ‘stage management office’ or anywhere in the
murky underworld often referred to simply as ‘backstage’ where they
frequently go almost unnoticed in their bland black uniform.

In fact, these are dangerously brilliant individuals and teams, the true
power behind British theatre and unless YOU drag them screaming from
their hideouts, how will any of us know who to avoid like the plague if
we want our show to fail?

Quite simply, the future of showbusiness is in your hands – name and
shame them NOW for a 2010 National Stage Management Award. Contact the
Stage Management Association urgently on 020-7403 7999 or
admin@stagemanagementassociation.co.uk. You may save shows.




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