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Reaching for the Heavens – Scenofest 2007 Video

Reaching for the Heavens was a performance project lead by UK based theatre designer Peter Farley. Groups of students and young designers were tasked with creating “flying objects” for a live performance at the opening of the 2007 Scenofest and Prague Quadrennial.

An exploration of three-dimensional form, light, sound and movement. Insects, Birds, Men, Planets, Spaceships and Stars fly around Babel – a kinetic sculpture of airborne objects expanding during the course of the exhibition.

These workshops combine craft skills, design skills, technical skills and team skills that should provide all involved with an artistic challenge in joyous celebration of collaborative creativity.

Students from a range of theatre disciplines such as Design. Lighting, Sound and Technical Arts are invited to participate.

Sound Design by Steve Brown. Video footage by Nathalie Holman.

Reaching for the Heavens – Article

Read Will McNeice’s article:

On the day of the opening ceremony of the Prague Quadrennial 2007, the first workshop finished. It had to, because its purpose was to create a set of massive flying objects for the opening ceremony. I was on that workshop, and here follows an account of what went on in the two days running up to the opening of PQ 2007.



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