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PQ Architecture Section will be Open Spatial Laboratory

The Architecture Section of the next Prague Quadrennial, with the title NOW/NEXT Performance Space at the Crossroads, aims to provoke architects, theatre-makers, and the public into re-thinking the potential of performance space in the new century by creating a dynamic meeting space at the PQ 2011 for presenting, representing, and discussing new ideas. The Section lead by Commissioner Dorita Hannah will be conceived as a site-specific installation in Prague Crossroads – St. Anne’s Church, housing national exhibits, commissioned media screenings, an open laboratory, as well as other scheduled and spontaneous events, including guest lectures, panels, and presentations.


THE NATIONAL EXHIBITS will be housed downstairs, installed in and/or on tabletops (750mm wide x 1800mm long x 132mm deep), which allow for the incorporation of image, object, and technology. These tables will stand on either side of a colored flooring strip that will conceal electrical cables. A central, internally lit translucent wall will give ambient light to the lower crypt space.


COMMISSIONED VIDEOS, created by those researching performance and space will be projected in a multi-level MEDIA TOWER, which conceals the existing stage that also houses the national exhibits. This tower will have moving images seen from the front, the stage, and the upper level.


The upper level will house the OPEN LABORATORY where an ongoing post-graduate workshop will be held with international participants working at computers and studio tables. This will also be a PRESENTATION SPACE for national curators, architects, performers, and guests to present and discuss their work. Call for participants of the workshop will be announced by May 2010.

The Architecture Section is housed in the ancient deconsecrated St. Anne’s Church – Prague Crossroads, which was established by Václav Havel (dissident, playwright, and former president of the Czech Republic) as a space to promote international cultural dialogue. (Photos and ground plans of the Prague Crossroads) In NOW/NEXT we will analyse performance space at the crossroads: between old and new centuries, between the present and the future, between performing and building, between scenography and architecture.

Read more at the PQ Site


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