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Personal Branding: Step One: Authenticity

There is a great deal of noise out there about the Art of the Brand. First, let’s start with the basics.  My first bit of advice is find a quiet place and really think about what you want to communicate to the larger world. That’s step one, so go ahead, get a notebook and get started.

7 Steps to Achieving a Personal Branding Strategy:

Part I:  Your Brand Essence

1) Get in “sync” with your authentic self

Step I.  Authenticity

Get in touch with this.  A truly great brand is authentic. Its real. Its honest. In the design profession its the work, too. But, in essence, its also what you stand for, your choices.  Perhaps the most powerful aspect of one’s career, is the choices you make. How you create your pathway, is not totally about chance, there are real choices you make that can create the right strategy so that choices flow to you. Write a paragraph, and create a vision not of what you think you want to be, but, at this moment, who you really are as an artist. What does that look like?  Perhaps you can’t describe it in words. I usually tell clients that if they can’t write it down, perhaps an image,  or set of images, might tell your story.  The “Old School” method would be to put some images into a loose leaf notebook. Write a few key words next to the images, that describe them, and you. This is the image bank you are building up to ultimately create a visual “source” for your personal brand. Its important that you get this part dialed-in. This is the first step, to getting the foundation for your strategy.  Think of this as your own personal “creative” that you are putting together. If you want, you can run this by some friends, to see how they respond.  That’s always interesting, because they might actually be “branding you” in an entirely different way, and be surprised at your version, of yourself.  Have you ever been introduced, as someone, that “is a designer”?  Oh, yes, there’s a generic title if I ever heard one, and covers about 50 percent of the creative universe. Wouldn’t it be better, if your business card, website, portfolio, blog, and even your interview outfit, reflected the “real you”? That’s what Step I is all about. The search for your own personal vision that is not dictated by outside influences: Yes, for just this once, its really all about you!

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One thought on “Personal Branding: Step One: Authenticity

  1. I’m looking forward to this theme developing… I’d never really though of “branding” myself… though i guess its something more mainstream artists do

    Posted by Brian Gresley | April 27, 2010, 8:58 pm

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