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Scenography Expanding Symposium 3 On Curating

September 27 – 29, 2010,  Évora, Portugal
In the third international scenography  symposium before the June 2011 Prague Quadrennial for Perfomance Design and Space (PQ), curators and artists from the performing arts, visual arts and spatial design disciplines will engage into a transdisciplinary dialogue on the challenges of exhibiting the ephemeral, the fleeting, the immaterial – the performative event and the scenographic space during the Festival Escrita na Paisagem in Evora, Portugal.
Speakers include: Maria Federica Maestri (Director of Natura dei Teatri, Italy), Radivoje Dinulović (Scenographer and Theoretician, Serbia), Christian Teckert (Architect and Academic, Germany/ Austria), Katharina Schlieben (Curator, Germany) Joanna Warsza (Curator, Poland), Frie Leysen (Director of Theater der Welt 2011, Germany), Randy Martin (Theory, USA), Dorita Hannah (Architect and Scenographer, Curator for PQ Architecture Section, New Zealand). 

Thea Brejzek, Prague Quadrennial, Curator for Theory 
José Alberto Ferreira, Festival Escrita na Paisagem, Main Coordinator
Sodja Lotker, Prague Quadrennial,  Artistic Director

Read the press about the last Scenography Expanding symposium 2: On Artists/Authors, held in Belgrade in July 8-10:
“The most imporant event in Belgrade last week was for sure Expanding Scenography, organized by the Prague Quadrennial, largest event of its kind in the world and local organization Kiosk, platform for contemporary art, when Belgrade for three days become a host for the world elite of performance design. “
RTS2 (state TV), Beokult, 14.07, journalist Selina Lovren Aksentić

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2 thoughts on “Scenography Expanding Symposium 3 On Curating

  1. I am wondering if there will be a printed record of the first 2 symposioms and how to obtaim it if it exists.

    Posted by Arndt von Holtzendorff | August 18, 2010, 9:15 pm
    • Hi Arndt,

      We’ll see what we can find out though it often takes a while to get answers from the PQ, there is a good chance it may become available at or after PQ (perhaps even in the PQ catalogue)

      Posted by admin | August 25, 2010, 9:00 am


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