Prague Quadrennial 2003 DVD

Prague Quadrennial 2003 brought together a record number of fifty countries from five continents, over 3,400 participants and 20,000 visitors. Now thanks to a a superbly produced DVD you can relive the event at home!

The film is split up into a number of sections; ‘What is the Prague Quadrennial?’ PQ 03 Video’, ‘PQ 03 Documentation’ and ‘DVD Guide’ either viewable as a single feature or accessible via a well designed menu system (just what you’d expect for in a DVD that celebrates the best of international performance design).

It’s well worth dipping into the ‘DVD Guide’ section as there is so much content on the disc it’s quite easy to miss an entire section or two!

The ‘What is the Prague Quadrennial?’ section contains a smaller guide about the DVD’s content and a history of the event, from which details of each quadrennial from 1967 to 1999 are presented in a static text format. This section also contains transcriptions of key speeches made at PQ03.

‘PQ 03 Documentation’ is a large resource of images, videos and press material.


On the DVD

‘PQ 03 Video’ is the place to start if you want to get right into the action (the total running time is 57 minutes). The video covers the various events of PQ03 starting with Scenofest..

  1. Scenofest and Schools
  2. Heart of PQ
  3. PQ for Children
  4. Theatre Architecture
  5. National Exhibits
  6. Winners

The wealth of imagery, direct input in the form of interviews from world leaders in performance design, and scenography is simply breathtaking and this alone makes this DVD a must-have for any student of Theatre Design.

‘Heart of PQ’ looks at the constantly evolving performance installation that was centre to PQ03, ‘PQ for Children’, covers PQ from a child’s view and indeed celebrates the honesty and purity of a child’s perspective of performance design. ‘Theatre Architecture’ investigates the performance space from both the technical and artistic perspective, however it’s ‘Scenofest’ and ‘National Exhibits’ that will most likely excite new visitors to the PQ, the competition can be quite thrilling and the DVD perfectly reflects the excitement.

The DVD is region free and available from The Czech Theatre Institute Prospero Bookshop The menu system design and the film production and supporting soundtrack far exceeded our expectations.

We found some of text only features were best viewed on a computer – despite its simple layout presenting such a large amount of information on a DVD still makes for an occasionally confusing browsing experience. Don’t let that minor criticism put you off though as this really is an essential purchase for those planning to visit the 2007 Quadrennial. We also highly recommend it to students of theatre design and of course to anyone who attended the Prague Quadrennial 2003!

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