Prague Quadrennial 2007

Note: This article refers to the Prague Quadrennial 2007The Prague Quadrennial 2007 will take place from June 14th to 24th, 2007. The Official Opening is scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 14th, 2007 at 6 p.m.

The 2007 Prague Quadrennial – international competitive exhibition of scenography and theatre architecture, will celebrate its 40th year of existence in 2007.

Although the traditional Industrial Palace venue will still be at the centre of PQ07 many events including costume design, model presentations, puppetry, stage practices and various performances will be taking place in participating theatres around Prague, Czech Republic.

“There is no other event like the Prague Quadrennial in the world. The PQ reminds us that theatre is perhaps first and foremost a visual and spatial event.” – General Commissioner of PQ 07 Arnold Aronson, Professor of Theater and head of Dramaturgy at Columbia University.


Prague has been host to the event since its inception in 1969. Over the years some of the greatest names in Theatre Design and Art have exhibited at PQ (the popular abbreviation for Prague Quadrennial) including Ming Cho Lee, Ralph Koltai, David Borovsky, Achim Freyer and Salvador Dali to name but a few.


Described as a “Factory of creativity” The Scenofest provides students, young practitioners teachers and experienced professionals with an unforgettable experience it’s one of the most liveliest aspects of the Prague Quadrennial and a great way to get involved in a wide range of events and activities. Scenofest 2007 is set to be the busiest yet with master classes, workshops and performances covering scenography/theatre design, theatre architecture, costume. sound design, lighting design, puppetry and technical theatre for full details visit www.scenofest.org

Concept of PQ 2007

“..to emphasize the variety of international SCENOGRAPHY and to demonstrate the way in which scenography illuminates the contemporary world, the Prague Quadrennial 2007 encourages each country and its selected curator to present its individual exhibition around a THEME that it creates itself. The THEME should reflect the particularly unique trends of that country’s contemporary theatre culture as a perspective on the world today”

Prague Quadrennial Accommodation

Prague International Travel Agency are the official travel agent for the Prague Quadrennial 2007. A full list of recommended hotels and hostels as well as additional services may be found at their PQ07 page, as ever our advice is to book early.



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