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Scenography – The Theatre Design Website

How to promote ourselves in the digital age? That was the question a handful of soon to be theatre design graduates and two lecturers from the Theatre Design Course at Nottingham Trent University asked themselves in pub tucked behind the theatre design building. It was 2002. Facebook didn’t exist. Nor did Twitter, Youtube or even the … Continue reading

How to write a Press Release

Thanks to the internet more and more designers and theatre artists are communicating about their work. And writing a press release is something that a lot of us may have to do. However get it wrong and journalists will just ignore it. Fortunately writing a good press release isn’t too hard and relies on both … Continue reading

Jean-Guy Lecat Gallery

We’ve been adding more photos to our Prague Quadrennial Gallery. This time it’s a set of photos from renowned scenographers Jean-Guy Lecat’s workshop “Simplicity in theatre is very sophisticated” If you have not read it before I really should recommend Will McNeice’s article Complicating Simplicity – A Workshop with Jean-Guy Lecat. Check out the new gallery … Continue reading

Prague Quadrennial Gallery Returns!

Prague Quadrennial Galleries return! Older readers may recall our popular PQ Galleries. We took them offline last year during some maintenance and they never quite made it back online! (Apologies) However we have now brought them back and we’ll be adding to them over time. Currently we galleries include PQ National Exhibit photos, Peter Schumann … Continue reading

Theatre Sets photography display

I discovered an interesting post on the London Theatre Blog tonight. Theatre Sets is a collection of photographs by Edinburgh based photographer, Ines Gennuso. The series, according to the London Theatre Blog “…focuses on the way artificial light, with its reverberating colours, imbues space with a surreal and atmospheric quality; transforming the ordinary into something … Continue reading

Should you take unpaid work?

Unpaid work. Should you take it? What’s good unpaid work and what’s bad. Different designers have different views on the matter but for what it’s worth here are mine: Let’s first set things straight. It’s important to make the distinction between unpaid work and “experience”. “Experience is where you work for free and get something … Continue reading

Scenography and the Web

I thought id take this opportunity to talk about how I got started in web design, my recommendations for starting your own site and how and why services like Scenography – The Theatre Design Website are invaluable (in my opinion) to web users. I’m planning on splitting this topic over a number of posts. In … Continue reading

Curve Theatre & His Dark Materials

I was invited to see a community production of “His Dark Materials” by my friend Lili Rogue. Having not visited this new theatre building (I was in communication with their press office about a formal visit as the basis for an article for sceno.org and Society of British Theatre Designers Blue Pages magazine – but … Continue reading

NTU Theatre Design Exhibition 2009

Sceno:graphy was invited to the Industry night of the 2009 Theatre Design graduates exhibition at the Nottingham Trent University. These events are always a great way for us to catch up with young graduates about to embark on a career in theatre and to spread the word about the website too. Nottingham Trent is always … Continue reading

Phil Ward

I had the sad duty this week of writing a news post about the passing of Phil Ward. It was certainly a great shock to me and no doubt to those much closer to Phil than I. In the three years I spent at Nottingham Trent University I built up a good friendship with Phil … Continue reading


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