Scenofest Workshops

For students:
Workshops announced – 1st September 2010
Registration Opens – November 15th 2010
Registration Closes – January 15th 2011
Notification by January 30th 2011
Confirmation and payment made by student by – February 28th 2011.

Alongside the two main student projects at Scenofest, there will also be a large range of workshops on offer for students to take part in. There will be workshops across numerous disciplines including scenography, lighting, digital media, projections, sound design, costumes, puppetry, technical theatre, and many others which will cater for over 1500 students. Some will take the form of lectures and others, more practical hands‐on workshops. All of the events will focus on contemporary discourse and interdisciplinary experimentation, painting a vivid picture for students of new ideas and technologies on the global stage. The team of workshop includes a vibrant mix of lead artists and academics from across the globe.

Fees per workshop:
1 day = 30 Euros
2 days = 60 Euros

For artists wanting to give a workshop
Each visual and performance design artist can lead the workshop. All workshop proposals should be submitted by May 30, 2010.

The Workshop Curators are;
Costume ‐ Donatella Barbieri (UK) / Lighting design ‐ Ian Garrett (US) / Scenography ‐ Michael Spencer and Aldona Cunningham (UK) / Sound design ‐ Veronika Vorel (US /
CZ) and David Budries (US) / Puppetry ‐ Sean Myatt (UK) / Digital Dramaturgies ‐ Aby Cohen (Brazil) & Kathleen Irwin (CA) / Beyond Theatre ‐ Jessica Bowles (UK) and will choose the best workshops and we will announce them in September 2010

Application: http://scenofest.pq.cz/

Download: Download the Scenofest Projects Info pack



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  1. Currenty, I’am an assistant to the production designer and art department coordinator for more than 5 years now… Engaging for film, television production and special events here in the Philippines… I’am passionate to my work and art gives me personal fulfillment everytime we create a “world” that is beyond imagination… i’am so thankful that there is a website like this to sustain the flame of my passion for art and expressing my creative ideas through visuals… more power!!!

    Posted by eugene philip torres | August 20, 2010, 3:08 pm


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